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Can I ask you something… how do you want to look back on the day you give birth to your child?

Whether or not you have experienced birth before, the journey of bringing your next child into the world will feel vulnerable.

As a Birthing Doula and Hypnobabies Guide, it’s my job to help you feel supported and give you the tools to get through those vulnerable moments.

My own experience with childbirth and motherhood gave me an understanding of how crucial informed support is for birthing parents.

You and everyone surrounding you deserves to feel safe, full of trust, and confident before, during, and after your child enters the world.

What does that look like for you?

  • Professional support for mothers and partners as your childbearing year unfolds and blossoms.
  • Feeling prepared for birth in all ways – mentally (education, information), physically (exercise, nutrition), and emotionally (hypnosis, communication).
  • Navigating important childbirth education choices, so you can best choose what options make sense for your birthing journey.
  • Your partner and family members bonding and communicating during your pregnancy and birth.
  • Preparing everyone in your life for their role in birthing, so they can feel confident and connected.
  • Increased sense of security and excitedly looking forward to your birth.

So… are you ready to begin looking forward to your birth?

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